AnneLi Lindskog

Anne-Li Lindskog is an Interior stylist and decorator born in Sweden, with a passion for contrasts and an eye for seeing possibilities in the impossible. She like to think outside the box, play with words/messages and pictures to enhance a feeling.She worked as a decorator,visual merchandiser, retail & store concept developer, interior designer & home stylist in north and eastern Europe. Now she is a freelancer with her base in Barcelona, Spain. Her style reflect a bit of her interest and knowledge about spirituality, yoga & meditation. As well as a strong influence of her Nordic heritage, the Nordic Light.

Vision: To create a harmonious atmosphere that promotes the client's wishes, so that they (and their customers) can develop in the best way and reach the desired goal.


Ambition: To offer an inspiring complete personal environment where body and soul feel good. This led in time to increased productivity and higher (job) satisfaction where each individual delivers the best.

Products: I offer my skills to create the surroundings customer wants, hands-on or through suggestions, tips, ideas and mood boards. And although sales of various interior things / details

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